Each product is handcrafted with love.

We use sustanably harvested and recycled material for all of our products!

Made from mesquite wood from the San Pedro Valley!

Kitchen & Dining

Mesquite Cutting Board 1" x 8" x 12"

Mesquite Cutting Board 1'X8'X12' Single Piece

 1x8x12 Mesquite cutting board. These are nice, square cornered, solid one piece board that has been treated with food grade mineral oil. This mesquite is from the San Pedro River Valley of Southern Arizona. Not all cutting boards will look identical or be the exact size. If you have a special size of cutting board you would like please let us know  

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San Pedro Valley Mesquite Cutting Board 1x11x13

1 x11 x 13 Cutting Board. Hand cut and finished with food grade mineral oil. 

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Gila Monster Mesquite Cutting Board 2" x 9" x 22"

 This Board is a work of natural art! Finished with food grade mineral oil. 2x9x22 

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Horseshoe Coasters With Cork Base (set of 4)

 These Horseshoe Coasters are hand crafted from the old shoes used at ranches throughout the San Pedro Valley of Southern Arizona. EVERY shoe is unique because it had to conform to an individual horses hoof. They are available in a huge variety of colors including both natural and treated (dark) cork.  

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Horseshoe Coasters with MESQUITE base (set of 4)

 These ROCK! Made from genuine take offs from a ranch here in the valley. Mounted on mesquite blocks. As with all our wood products these are general measurements...1" thick 6" deep and 4 1/2" wide.

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Cooking Herbs and Spices

Serrano Chili Powder

Made from Serrano chilis grown right herer in the San Pedro Valley!  100% Pesticide free!

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Lavender and Peppermint Sugar

 Pure organic sugar combined with fresh dried ground lavender and peppermint, to give those sugar cookies an extra sweet floral taste with an uplifting zing from the peppermint.
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Rosemary and Sage Salt

 Homemade Roasemary and Sage Salt!
This Product is handmade! Made from homegrown, 100% pesticide free plants!

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